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JODA Moffett Delivers Crucial Classroom Furniture to Rural Scottish School

27th June 2024

A newly constructed school based in rural Scotland faced a challenge in furnishing its classrooms and offices. Without on-site loading and unloading facilities, alongside the remote location of the building and the volume of furniture required, the school required the help of a logistics provider to ensure the transport and offloading of this furniture was possible. They reached out to our team to discuss the logistical difficulties and worked to find an efficient resolution to furnish the school efficiently and safely.


The challenge

A school in a remote location in Scotland had a refurbishment schedule with the final stage causing a headache for the project team; how do you unload a trailer full of furniture without a forklift truck or an army of labourers to do it manually? And even if you had an army of labourers, at great cost, how long would it take given the access issues meaning the truck would have to be parked a good distance from the unloading point?

The solution

JODA recommended the use of our Moffett truck to resolve this issue. Moffett delivery allows goods to be transported and offloaded with minimal equipment, personnel or space making it perfect for this location. The lifting capability of this truck is up to 2 tonnes which was far more than necessary for the equipment of this school and their corresponding offices. On the scheduled delivery day, the JODA Freight team arrived with the Moffett-equipped truck. The Moffett’s design allowed it to be quickly dismounted from the truck, transforming it into a standalone forklift capable of navigating the school’s tight spaces and uneven grounds.

The outcome

The customer couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of this project. The job was dealt with on time, causing minimal disturbance and ensuring the school was up and running as quickly as possible. JODA’s Moffett truck-mounted forklift provided a versatile, efficient, and cost-effective solution to a complex delivery challenge. By offering an integrated approach to transportation and offloading, we demonstrated our capability to meet and exceed client expectations, even in the most demanding scenarios.

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