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Chilling Success: AHT UK’s Long-Standing Partnership with Joda Freight

26th September 2023

At Joda Freight, our enduring commitment to excellence has fostered long-lasting relationships with numerous clients who have entrusted us with their logistics needs for many years. Among these valued partners, AHT UK stands out as a testament to the enduring success of our logistics services. Read about their journey with us below:

In the heart of AHT UK’s bustling headquarters, our refrigeration company faced logistical challenges. While our refrigeration solutions thrived, our storage and logistics operations required expert handling at a competitive price.

Enter Joda Freight, a name synonymous with efficiency and expertise in our world. The day our partnership became key for AHT UK success, and this relationship had been blossoming for over 15 years.

Joda Freight’s team impressed us with their profound understanding of storage. They passionately maintained optimal conditions for our products, ensuring their integrity throughout the supply chain.

Beyond storage, Joda Freight tailored their services to our unique requirements. Their flexibility was invaluable.

And, of course, there were significant cost savings. Collaborating with Joda Freight meant saying goodbye to the challenges of maintaining our storage facilities. It freed up resources for our core business – creating exceptional refrigeration solutions.

As time passed, our partnership flourished. AHT UK and Joda Freight became a well-oiled machine. Our supply chain operations ran like clockwork meaning we were able to provide the best service for our customers. They knew they could rely on us for top-notch products, delivered on time, every time.

Our business had grown immensely over these 15 years, and it wasn’t just about numbers and profit margins. It was about the satisfaction of knowing we delivered quality and dependability to our customers, all thanks to the seamless and enduring partnership we had forged with Joda Freight.

Looking back, our partnership with Joda Freight has been nothing short of an epic success story, spanning over 15 years. It’s a tale of two companies coming together to create something greater than the sum of their parts. AHT UK and Joda Freight – a partnership that truly keeps things cool, and it’s a bond that only grows stronger with time.

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